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Sight is survival.

20231 h 16 min

Sam receives a call from Emily, a near blind woman who is running from her murderous ex in the woods. Can she survive using Sam as her eyes via video call?

DirectorYoko Okumura
Runtime1 h 16 min
Release Date7 March 2023
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Unseen (2023)

Unseen is a 2023 American horror thriller film directed by Yoko Okumura in her feature directorial debut, and written by Salvatore Cardoni and Brian Rawlins. The film stars Midori Francis, Jolene Purdy and Missi Pyle. Jason Blum serves as an executive producer under his Blumhouse Television banner.

The film follows Emily, a nearly blind woman who is running from her murderous ex-boyfriend in the woods. She must survive the ordeal with the help of Sam, a gas station clerk who she connects with on a video call.

Unseen was released digitally in the United States on March 7, 2023, and received positive reviews from critics. The film was praised for its suspenseful atmosphere, strong performances, and clever use of technology.

What makes Unseen a standout horror film?

Unseen is a unique and suspenseful horror film that sets itself apart from other films in the genre in several ways. First, the film’s premise is both simple and effective. The idea of a blind woman being stalked by her ex-boyfriend is terrifying, and the film does a great job of building tension and suspense as Emily tries to survive.

Second, the film’s use of technology is very effective. The film takes place entirely over a video call, which allows the audience to experience the events of the film from Emily’s perspective. This creates a sense of immediacy and immersion that is rarely seen in horror films.

Finally, the film’s performances are very strong. Midori Francis gives a particularly impressive performance as Emily. She perfectly conveys the character’s fear, determination, and vulnerability.

Is Unseen worth watching?

If you are a fan of horror films, then Unseen is definitely worth watching. It is a suspenseful and well-made film with strong performances. The film’s use of technology is also very effective, and it creates a unique and immersive experience for the viewer.

However, it is important to note that Unseen is a slow-burn horror film. It is not a film that is full of jump scares and gore. Instead, the film relies on building tension and suspense to create a sense of dread. If you are looking for a fast-paced and action-packed horror film, then Unseen may not be the film for you.

Overall, Unseen is a well-made and suspenseful horror film that is worth watching for fans of the genre. The film has strong performances and a unique premise, and it is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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