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The Enchanted

20231 h 48 min

After her recent separation, Irene seeks to regain her calm in a village in the Catalan Pyrenees, but the familiarity of the place forces her to confront her fears.

DirectorElena Trapé
Runtime1 h 48 min
Release Date2 June 2023
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Enchanted is a 2007 American live-action/animated musical fantasy romantic comedy film directed by Kevin Lima and written by Bill Kelly. Co-produced by Walt Disney Pictures, Josephson Entertainment, and Right Coast Productions, the film stars Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Timothy Spall, Idina Menzel, Rachel Covey, and Susan Sarandon, with Julie Andrews as the narrator. It focuses on an archetypal Disney princess-to-be exiled from her animated world into the live-action world of New York City.

The film is both a homage to and a self-parody of Disney’s animated features, making numerous references to past works through the combination of live-action filmmaking, traditional animation, and computer-generated imagery. It also marks the return of traditional animation to a Disney feature film after the company’s decision to move entirely to computer animation in 2004. Composer Alan Menken and lyricist Stephen Schwartz, who had written songs for previous Disney films, wrote and produced the songs of Enchanted, and Menken also composed the film’s score.


Giselle (Amy Adams) is a beautiful and innocent princess living in the magical land of Andalasia. She is engaged to Prince Edward (James Marsden), but their wedding is interrupted by the evil Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon), who banishes Giselle to the real world, New York City.

In New York, Giselle is initially lost and confused, but she soon meets Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey), a cynical divorce lawyer who agrees to help her find her way back to Andalasia. Along the way, Giselle’s optimism and kindness begin to change Robert and the people around him.

Giselle also meets Robert’s daughter, Morgan (Rachel Covey), and the two quickly become friends. Giselle’s presence in their lives helps Robert and Morgan to reconnect, and Robert begins to fall in love with Giselle.

Meanwhile, Queen Narissa sends her henchman, Nathaniel (Timothy Spall), to New York to bring Giselle back to Andalasia. Nathaniel disguises himself as an elderly woman and gives Giselle a poisoned apple, but Giselle is saved by Robert and Morgan.

Realizing that Giselle is truly happy in New York, Edward and his new love interest, Nancy (Idina Menzel), come to the real world to congratulate her. Edward and Nancy then return to Andalasia, while Giselle and Robert stay in New York and get married.


Enchanted explores a number of themes, including the power of love and kindness, the importance of family, and the importance of believing in magic. The film also celebrates the classic Disney princess archetype, while also subverting it in some ways.


Enchanted was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $340 million worldwide. The film was praised for its humor, music, and performances, particularly Adams’s performance as Giselle. Enchanted also won several awards, including the Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Happy Working Song.”


Enchanted is a charming and heartwarming film that is sure to please audiences of all ages. It is a must-see for fans of Disney musicals and romantic comedies.

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