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Follows the journey of India's iconic home chef, Tarla Dalal. It captures the integral role she played in empowering women and helping them realise their dreams through food.

DirectorPiyush Gupta
Runtime2 h 07 min
Release Date7 July 2023
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Tarla: A heartwarming biopic of a culinary icon

Tarla is a 2023 Indian Hindi-language biographical drama film based on the life of Tarla Dalal, India’s most iconic home chef and cookbook author. The film is directed by Piyush Gupta and stars Huma Qureshi in the titular role.

Tarla Dalal was a pioneer in the field of Indian cuisine. She was the first woman to have her own cookbook and cookery show, and she helped to popularize vegetarian cooking around the world. She was also a strong advocate for women’s empowerment, and she inspired many women to pursue their culinary dreams.

The film Tarla chronicles Tarla Dalal’s journey from a modest housewife to one of the most celebrated chefs in India. It tells the story of her struggles and triumphs, her personal and professional life, and her impact on Indian cuisine and culture.

Huma Qureshi gives a nuanced and heartwarming performance as Tarla Dalal. She captures Tarla’s passion for cooking, her determination to succeed, and her warm and caring personality. The supporting cast is also excellent, with Sharib Hashmi as Tarla’s supportive husband and Veenah Naair as her close friend and colleague.

Tarla is a well-made and engaging film that is sure to appeal to a wide audience. It is a heartwarming story about a culinary icon who inspired millions of people around the world.

Here are some of the things that make the film Tarla so special:

  • It is a biopic of a truly remarkable woman, Tarla Dalal, who made a significant impact on Indian cuisine and culture.
  • It is a heartwarming and inspiring story about a woman who overcame many challenges to achieve her dreams.
  • It features a nuanced and heartwarming performance by Huma Qureshi as Tarla Dalal.
  • It is a well-made and engaging film that is sure to appeal to a wide audience.

If you are looking for a heartwarming and inspiring film to watch, I highly recommend Tarla. It is a film that will stay with you long after you have watched it.

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