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20232 h 22 min

A father grieving his late wife joins a team of journalists investigating a series of interconnected murders.

DirectorC. S. Amudhan
Runtime2 h 22 min
Release Date6 October 2023
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Raththam (2023) – A mixed bag of a thriller

Raththam (transl. Blood) is a 2023 Indian Tamil-language crime-thriller film written and directed by C. S. Amudhan. The film stars Vijay Antony, Mahima Nambiar, Nandita Swetha and Remya Nambeesan. The film was released on October 6, 2023, and received mixed reviews from critics.


The film follows the story of Ranjith (Vijay Antony), an investigative journalist who uncovers a sinister operation that is behind a series of seemingly clear-cut hate crimes. Ranjith must race against time to stop the criminal mastermind before more lives are lost.


Raththam is a well-intentioned film that tackles important social issues such as hate crimes and religious intolerance. However, the film’s execution is flawed. The pacing is slow, the screenplay is predictable, and the performances are underwhelming.

Vijay Antony does his best to carry the film, but his character is not well-developed. Mahima Nambiar, Nandita Swetha, and Remya Nambeesan are wasted in supporting roles.

The film’s technical aspects are also average. The cinematography is bland, and the editing is choppy.

Overall, Raththam is a mixed bag of a thriller. It has good intentions, but it is poorly executed.


  • Good intentions
  • Tackles important social issues


  • Slow pacing
  • Predictable screenplay
  • Underwhelming performances
  • Average technical aspects


Raththam is a watchable film, but it is not essential viewing. If you are a fan of Vijay Antony or if you are interested in films that tackle social issues, then you may enjoy it. However, be prepared for a slow-paced and predictable thriller.

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