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Old Dads

Times have changed. They didn't get the fax.

20231 h 42 min

Three best friends become fathers later in life and find themselves battling preschool principals, millennial CEOs and anything created after 1987.

DirectorBill Burr
Runtime1 h 42 min
Release Date20 October 2023
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Movie RatingNot rated
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Old Dads: A comedy about navigating fatherhood in a changing world

Old Dads is an upcoming American comedy film directed by Bill Burr in his directorial debut, who produced and co-wrote with Ben Tishler. It stars Burr, Bobby Cannavale and Bokeem Woodbine.

The film follows three best friends who become fathers later in life and find themselves out of step in a changing world of millennial CEOs and powerful preschool principals.

Burr plays Peter, a cranky middle-aged dad who is struggling to keep up with the latest trends in fatherhood. His best friends, Frank (Cannavale) and Barry (Woodbine), are also struggling to adjust to their new roles as dads.

The three friends find themselves clashing with millennial culture and the modern parenting establishment. They have to learn to navigate a world of helicopter parents, organic food, and gender-neutral pronouns.

Old Dads is a funny and heartwarming film about the challenges of fatherhood in a changing world. It is also a celebration of friendship and the importance of supporting each other through thick and thin.

The film is set to be released by Netflix on October 20, 2023.

Here are some of the things to look forward to in Old Dads:

  • A hilarious and relatable look at fatherhood in a changing world.
  • Strong performances from Bill Burr, Bobby Cannavale, and Bokeem Woodbine.
  • A heartwarming story about friendship and supporting each other through thick and thin.

If you are a fan of comedies like The Hangover and Old School, or if you are simply a parent who can relate to the challenges of fatherhood, then Old Dads is a must-see film.

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