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Jesus Revolution

When you open your heart...there's room for everyone.

20232 h 00 min

In the 1970s, aimless teenager Greg Laurie searches for all the right things in all the wrong places until he meets Lonnie Frisbee, a charismatic hippie/street preacher. Together with local pastor Chuck Smith, they open the doors of a languishing church to an unexpected revival.

Runtime2 h 00 min
Release Date23 February 2023
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Jesus Revolution: A Counterculture Revival

Jesus Revolution is a 2023 American Christian drama film directed by Jon Erwin and Brent McCorkle, based on the autobiographical book of the same name co-written by Greg Laurie. The film follows Laurie (Joel Courtney), Christian hippie Lonnie Frisbee (Jonathan Roumie), and pastor Chuck Smith (Kelsey Grammer) as they take part in the Jesus movement in California during the late 1960s. Anna Grace Barlow and Kimberly Williams-Paisley also star.

The film begins with Laurie, a young hippie who is searching for meaning and purpose in his life. He encounters Frisbee, a charismatic street preacher who leads him to Christ. Laurie then begins attending Calvary Chapel, Smith’s church, which is known for its welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

As more and more young people begin to attend Calvary Chapel, Smith decides to open the church’s doors to a week-long evangelistic event. The event is a huge success, and it draws thousands of young people from all over the country. The Jesus movement is born.

Jesus Revolution is a heartwarming and inspiring film that tells the story of a remarkable spiritual awakening. It is a story of hope, love, and transformation.

The Impact of the Jesus Movement

The Jesus movement was a counterculture revival that swept across the United States in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It was characterized by a youthful embrace of Christianity, often expressed through music, art, and social activism.

The Jesus movement had a significant impact on American culture. It helped to revive Christianity among young people and to popularize a more inclusive and welcoming form of faith. The movement also inspired a new generation of Christian leaders and musicians.

Why You Should See Jesus Revolution

If you are looking for a movie that is both entertaining and inspiring, then you should see Jesus Revolution. It is a well-made film with a strong cast and a compelling story.

The film is also a valuable historical document. It provides a glimpse into a remarkable time in American history when a new generation of young people turned to Christianity in search of meaning and purpose.

Jesus Revolution is a movie that everyone should see, regardless of their religious beliefs. It is a story of hope, love, and transformation.

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