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Blessed be the curse.

20231 h 30 min

After the alleged suicide of her priest brother, Grace travels to the remote Scottish convent where he fell to his death. Distrusting the Church's account, she uncovers murder, sacrilege and a disturbing truth about herself.

Runtime1 h 30 min
Release Date9 February 2023
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Consecration: A slow-burning supernatural horror film with a satisfying payoff

Consecration is a 2023 supernatural horror-thriller film directed by Christopher Smith and starring Jena Malone, Danny Huston, and Janet Suzman. The film follows Grace (Malone), an English woman who travels to a remote convent on the Isle of Skye to investigate the death of her brother, a priest. Upon arriving, Grace learns that her brother’s death was ruled a suicide, but she suspects that there is more to the story than she is being told.

With the help of a Vatican priest, Father Romero (Huston), Grace begins to uncover the convent’s dark secrets. She discovers that her brother was investigating a series of strange occurrences at the convent, including visions of demons and demonic possessions. Grace also learns that the convent is built on the site of an ancient Celtic burial ground, which is rumored to be cursed.

As Grace delves deeper into the convent’s secrets, she begins to experience her own visions and hallucinations. She also starts to remember a traumatic event from her childhood that she had long repressed. As the film progresses, Grace must confront her own demons, both literal and figurative, in order to uncover the truth about her brother’s death and save herself from a terrifying fate.

Consecration is a slow-burning film, but it is well worth the wait. The film is beautifully shot, with stunning cinematography of the Isle of Skye. The performances are also excellent, with Malone delivering a particularly powerful performance as Grace.

The film’s atmosphere is truly chilling, and it does a great job of building suspense. The film’s horror elements are also effective, with some genuinely frightening sequences.

Consecration is not a perfect film. The pacing is a bit slow at times, and the film’s ending may be a bit too ambiguous for some viewers. However, overall, Consecration is a well-made and atmospheric horror film with a satisfying payoff.

If you are a fan of slow-burning supernatural horror films, then I highly recommend checking out Consecration. It is a film that will stay with you long after the credits have rolled.

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